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Impress the boss with some whisky wisdom

You might be new to whisky, hoping its sophistication will revamp your cider-soaked image, or perhaps you’re a well-drunk whisky connoisseur looking for constant inspiration and degustation suggestions to keep engaged with this popular tipple. Whichever you are, the Whisky Store’s new website should be your next stop.

They have taken their flagship store experience and brought it to life in the online world with cinematic content, a knowledge bar, tasting notes and videos as well as access to distillery managers and magazines. It’s like having your own barman to talk you through every dumb question you always wanted to ask, but were too drunk to get the words out.


The vision for this new digital platform was to provide an unparalleled level of knowledge for shoppers in an easily accessible way. And although the experience in-store will always be unique to a physical environment (i.e. you can’t actually drink it through the website), the site does manage to replicate the store offering in a relevant and interactive way by using high quality images and experiential features.

Now some of us weren’t whisky drinkers (until 5 minutes ago) but a quick browse on here for a few moments has taught us the difference between a scotch and a whiskey (crucial), and fuelled us up to go and release our inner Mad Men.

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