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Get set. Go save the high street.

By Tim Clegg, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi X London.

It’s been hard to avoid having an opinion on this year’s crop of retailer Christmas campaigns which have been hotly debated by everyone from Nick Clegg to the cast of Gogglebox. Everyone has something to say and everyone has a favourite (Sainsbury’s since you ask).

So amongst all the frantic fawning over the usual mix of far-fetched festive sentimentality, it was nice to see a retailer pull off a fresh campaign that – shock horror!- celebrates what it actually sells.

The re-launch of Argos has been a few years in the making – with a complete overhaul of its retail and digital operations. And let’s face it – they needed it. Since the Argos concept first launched in 1973, its tiny pens and giant catalogue had become a little bit of a joke on the high street – here are my top 3:

Bill bailey

Micheal Mcintyre

Tom Stade

Pay a visit to the flagship store in London and it’s clear that Argos is changing. With its touch screen ‘catalogues’ and approachable staff you can see they’ve learnt a lot about retail space from the likes of Apple. With its click and collect service and ebay partnership it seems they have picked up a few tricks from the world of online shopping too.

It’s quite a turn around. Suddenly the loveable highstreet dinosaur destined for extinction is relevant again and leading the way in digital retail. Maybe they were on to something after all.

Enter the shiny new campaign. The ads are a big departure for Argos and unlike most retailers ads they do an awesome job of presenting a unique offering. Could this be what the future of the high street looks like?


‘Instant Pick Up’:


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