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Suppakids Sneaker Boutique

You don’t need to have kids to love this idea, Swiss architecture firm ROK has completed the Suppakids Sneaker Boutique in Stuttgart, making it a go to place to shop kid’s trainers.



If you’re looking for some (very cute) miniature Air Jordans or baby Vans Suppakids can give you just that …and a lot more. In keeping with the spirit of a child-friendly atmosphere, ROK created a prominent wall display that has wooden discs cascading down the shelves for children to play with when looking for new shoes becomes a bit dull.


Not only is this a fantastic way to keep kids entertained when they are shopping with their parents but it also gives parents the break they need when trying to browse the store. The shops design doesn’t distract from the ultimate goal of showcasing the product but does a great job of interacting with the children and keeping them entertained.

We love it; check out a video here:


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