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Hermes creates an impossible store online

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a lot of innovation in retail, and one example that has particularly stuck with us, came from luxury fashion retailer, Hermes.


Hermes have recently launched their site ‘La Maison des Carres’, which is inspired by the idea that the shopping experience they’ve created online is impossible to recreate in a physical environment.

This unique approach has meant the store has lots of quirky functionality, with horse stables, an animal world, and a large slide all featuring on the site. All the features are designed to help inspire shoppers as they explore Hermes products, and for Hermes it means they are able to creatively express their brand without the restrictions that can be in place within a physical environment.


The evolution of channels has meant for many retailers they’ve simply taken their physical store environment and re-hashed it online, mobile or wherever they appear. Yet this is a perfect example of reimagining a channel and making it a unique shopping experience not simply recreating an old one, but all the while still being owned by Hermes iconic style and quality.

While we’ve been quiet on the Saatchi & Saatchi X blog, the world of retail certainly hasn’t. Thanks for your patience and we’ll be back with more inspiration soon.

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