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Asda to launch unmanned click and collect sites

In recent years, click and collect has become a simple way for shoppers to grab their groceries without the hassle of having to wait at home for a home delivery, or go in-store and do a full shop. In the UK, grocery retailer Asda have been leading the way in this arena, with recent partnerships with TfL among the innovative approaches they have taken to reducing the burden for their shoppers.


Not willing to settle with that though, Asda have recently announced their intention to trial ‘Intelligent Pod’ click and collect sites. These sites will be unmanned and will feature chilled lockers that shoppers are able to access 24/7 with shoppers able to place orders and collect them on the same day.


Remote click and collect services have become integral to Asda’s omnichannel strategy after they realised that in London and the South East of England, only 50% of the population had access to an Asda store. The introduction of this service that allow shoppers to remotely collect their products will help increase their reach to new shoppers, and has the added benefit of being flexible enough to allow shoppers to collect outside of traditional retail hours.

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